Spartan Pro Management, LLC

Spartan Pro Management is committed to the economic and professional advancement and development of collegiate and professional coaches. SPM, seeks to ensure the continued competitive success of its clients in an honest and equitable manner. We strive to attract superior clients and deliver exceptional results. The SPM team consists of professionals with a wealth of experience in all aspects of negotiation and the placement process.

SPM will design an individualized marketing plan for clients to maximize income potential during their coaching careers. Crucial to the success of this marketing plan are SPM’s numerous and established business and athletic relationships. In the pursuit of each client’s interest we aggressively pursue endorsements and other commercial opportunities on a local regional and national basis, leveraging our vast network of industry connections. We take into account each client’s skills, public image, outside interests, and personal goals when developing this strategy.

SPM looks forward to the opportunity to work with you in the pursuit of your athletic dreams and financial objectives. References will be made available upon request.